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Year 2009 signified a turbulent era in the Mediterranean and the European Union, when Greece topped in the news for 1,000 times/day. That was the motivation for Drexel Greek Studies program to propose an international business course focusing on Mediterranean economy (under the label “Regional Studies on Economic Policy and International Business”), explaining the business climate and practice as well as further connect Drexel University’s curriculum with the Drexel Abroad in Greece (Crete) and the multiple “internship” opportunities that the program develops in Greece and elsewhere.

This “Mediterranean Economy” class, as students perceive it, showcases Greek companies, realizes Drexel University’s priorities of experiential learning and offers the opportunity of weekly face-to-face interaction with CEOs present in class, explaining facts, figures, innovation models and managerial ethics from the EU- Mediterranean beyond stereotypes. The readings are papers from European business schools providing the insights for entrepreneurial topics and a book on the European mosaic of nations to analyze the background of European Union integration and Monetary Union implementation.


The current DVD contains ten indicative cases of master classes’ videos: Pharmathen, Miltech Hellas, GAEA, Earth Friendly Products, Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles, Eagle Ocean, Netronix, Terra Creta, Cocomat, and Cyprus NY Trade Center. Contributing texts come from Technical University of Crete, Hellenic American University, and Economia Publishers as partners of Drexel Greek Studies Program which completed its 8 years on 2014.


This is a unique publication to highlight how Greek entrepreneurship remains resilient during the crisis.


Theodoros Katerinakis, Adjunct Faculty, INTB338 Class Instructor, Drexel University
Maria Hnaraki, PhD, Director of Greek Studies, Drexel University


The second DVD of the series (2017) is described here

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