Benefaction in Modern Greece-Theory and History

Benefaction in Modern Greece-Theory and History
Release date: December 2017
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The communities of the Hellenic diaspora have been the cradle of Modern Greek benefaction. Eminent entrepreneurs acting as benefactors undertake works of common interest, substituting for the official state, collectivities and institutions. The benefactor realises a personal epopee in the service of the common good. Benefaction for him represents a defining passion determining his/her personal and collective functioning.

Benefaction as historical phenomenon continues today, mainly in the form of institutional benefaction.

History, ideology, personal and social mechanisms underlying the practice of benefaction are thoroughly analysed in the frame of the theory that benefactors represent organic intellectuals of the bourgeoisie during the age of its historical ascendency as well as in the present era. of its world hegemony.



Author Matoula Tomara-Sideris
Language english
Pages 127
ISBN 978-960-9490-46-7
Publication Date December 2017
Publisher Economia Publishing