President Joe Biden announced plans to nominate George Tsunis, an influential Democratic fundraiser and hotelier, to be his envoy to Greece. 

Tsunis is the son of first-generation Greek immigrants to the U.S., and has served on the boards and committees of several Greek and Hellenic organizations. Tsunis speaks Greek and he and his wife both have extended family in Greece. He’s been awarded the Saint Paul’s Medal, the Greek Orthodox Church of America’s highest recognition for a layperson.

George J. Tsunis is the founder, chairman and CEO of Chartwell Hotels as well as an attorney, developer and public policy advisor with a strong interest at the intersection of economic and foreign affairs.

Prior to founding Chartwell, Mr. Tsunis was a partner at the law firm of Rivkin Radler LLP, New York’s largest law firm representing both private clients and municipalities.

In addition to his hotel company, which manages and develops properties in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states, Tsunis is chairman of Battery Park City Authority, which manages a 92-acre development on Manhattan’s lower west side. He is a trustee for the New York City Convention Development Corporation and the New York City Convention Operating Corporation.

Former President Barack Obama picked Tsunis in 2013 to serve as his nominee to Norway. But the Chartwell Hotels founder abandoned the nomination after a disastrous confirmation hearing in which he admitted having never visited Norway and mistakenly referred to the country’s head of state as “president” rather than “prime minister.”

With information from AP