Viomichaniki Epitheorisi makes its official  debut, in December 1991,  with an exclusive interview of then Minister of Finance, Yannis Paleokrassas. The subject?

The revolution planned in the banking sector. Y. Paleokrassas declares that it is time for commercial banks “to operate on their own” as he prepares to introduce a new banking act.


Interestingly enough we read that “the Bank of Greece is working on a deposit guarantee scheme, as Greece is the only member of the European Community without one”!


The special report of Viomichaniki Epitheorisi on the banking sector of Greece includes articles on ETVA, the Agricultural Bank, the National Mortgage Bank, the National Bank of Greece, the Commercial Bank, the Ionian, a statistical profile of all Greek banks, as well as an article by then president of the Bank Employees’ Union, Christos Protopappas.


To download the  issue, click here for the first part and here the second one.