Cabinet reshuffling: a favourite Greek pastime

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Cabinet reshuffling: a favourite Greek pastime by Antonis D. Papagiannidis Greek politics is an interesting, bustling, at times magical menagerie populated by various species engaged in intense survival=of-the-fittest rivalry. This in no way constitutes some sort of Greek particularity, much less an oddity: such is the normal course of political confrontation in a parliamentary democratic [...]

A milestone in Europe’s energy independence: Azeri gas started flowing in Greece, Italy and Bulgaria

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The first gas from Azerbaijan has reached Greece and Bulgaria, via the Nea Mesimvria interconnection point with DESFA, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) operator announced on the last day of 2020. The Azeri gas also flows to Italy, via the Melendugno interconnection point with SNAM Rete Gas (SRG). TAP (part of the Southern Gas Corridor) [...]

Brexit deal: What does it change in trade, competition, financial services and travel

By |2020-12-31T01:38:41+03:00December 31st, 2020|Online news / Blog|

The clock is ticking. The United Kingdom will be leaving the European Union within hours. Luckily, the Brexit will happen in an orderly manner, under the provisions of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, an Agreement on Nuclear Cooperation and an Agreement on Security Procedures for Exchanging and Protecting Classified Information. The "divorce Trade and Cooperation [...]

Of Turkish hustle and bustle and of exploratory talks

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Of Turkish hustle and bustle and of exploratory talks by Antonis D. Papagiannidis The official position in Greece (and in Cyprus, for that matter) is still one of expectation that EU pressure will bring Turkey around to a more compromising behaviour – one that will make it possible for Athens and Ankara to engage in exploratory [...]

Better Cotton for a sustainable future – Thousands of Greek farmers join the Initiative

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The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) has announced that the Greek AGRO-2 Integrated Management Standards have been successfully benchmarked as equivalent to the Better Cotton Standard System. The recognition will promote more sustainable Greek cotton farming. Greece is the largest cotton-producing country in Europe, with more than 45,000 registered cotton farmers. Cotton is planted on approximately [...]

“Athos Digital Heritage”: The treasures of Mount Athos available to all

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The treasures of Mount Athos are now digitally available to all at the “Athos Digital Heritage” website. Over 2 million digital images of documents, books, manuscripts and 27 thousand artefacts, as well as 3D imaging of monuments, virtual tours of monasteries and educational apps, are now online , enabling both the public and scientists to [...]

Projecting Greek identity to an international audience: from “Who are we?” to a global networking of Greece and Greeks

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George-Stylianos Prevelakis in discussion with Evanthis Hadjivassiliou and A.D. Papagiannidis A.D.Papagiannidis: "On behalf of economia Publishing, I would like to welcome you at this 17th Thessaloniki International Book Fair to a discussion of two books, both of George Prevelakis, a professor Emeritus of Geopolitics at the Sorbonne/Paris I University and presently a Permanent Representative of [...]

The Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Greece: all hands on deck

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The Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Greece: all hands on deck by Antonis D. Papagiannidis In Greece too, an all-hands-on-deck situation results from the preparations for the vaccination effort against the Covid-19 pandemic to succeed. All of the National Health System assets have been already mobilized; the private sector is asked to join in, with pharmacies [...]

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