Corporate Social Responsibility

Throughout its long historical journey, from 1934 to today, Economia Publishing has proved its sensitivity in matters concerning the growth and the prosperity of a wider social cohesion by actively supporting actions of corporate social responsibility.

Over, the last 87 years, Economia Group has been a constant support to young people by empowering their voices through the Economia Student Competition, where they have the opportunity to take on and develop issues that concern the real Greek economy.

In addition, Economia Group supports research with the Vovolini Archives, which is one of the most important sources of economics and greek history in general, by mirroring an entire era that has spanned over 150 years while also highlighting the unknown aspects of the Greek state reconstraction. The donation of part of the archive to the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies, is considered a great contribution, as it aims at the wider exploitation of this precious material on an international level.

 Moreover, Economia Group dynamicly supports actions such as the network of volunteers “Journalists Acting”, by donating books and by being a communications sponsor. At the same time, Evonomia Group assists the efforts of “DIAZOMA”, an organization dedicated at preserving and restoring monuments and cultural heritage. In this context the multi-purpose facility Ecozone hosts many meetings of “DIAZOMA”.

Last but not least, Economia Group hosts Christmas Bazaars while aiming to empower organizations that have a strong social activity, such as “Floga” and the “Association for the Care of People with Neuromuscular Diseases”.

For all its actions Economia Group have been awarded with a praise of social offer and benefaction by the Association of Cultural Activity.

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