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Greek economy: once more reeling – and faced with unpleasant decisions

Greek economy: once more reeling – and faced with unpleasant decisions by Antonis D. Papagiannidis For a time, there was some sort of enthusiasm in Athens with incoming news/expectations that the Versailles March 10-11 European Summit would result in a new era of debt mutualisation on part of EU “27”. This would come handy to pay for the support of businesses and households under the shock of energy prices rises caused by the Ukraine crisis and the overall inflation wave. [...]

March 14th, 2022|Online news / Blog|

The original frieze of Parthenon before our eyes

The Parthenon frieze, a unique work of art, is presented in digital form through an application available at www.parthenonfrieze.gr. Photographs of all the frieze blocks preserved today in the Acropolis Museum, the British Museum and the Louvre have been gathered together and annotated in Greek and English. The photographs have been combined with the drawings of J. Carrey (1674) and J. Stuart (1751), in order to give the fullest possible picture of the frieze.  The frieze of the Parthenon forms [...]

March 10th, 2022|Online news / Blog|

Regional ripple effects of the Ukraine crisis

Regional ripple effects of the Ukraine crisis by Antonis D. Papagiannidis Greece has sided resolutely with the West in the ongoing Ukraine crisis – not only in condemning the Russian aggression, but also joining in sanctions imposed to Russia and in aid sent to Ukraine (both of humanitarian and of military/defense character). The decision to go all the way, for a country that usually tried to take a more balanced stance when Russia was concerned, was taken by Prime Minister [...]

March 8th, 2022|Online news / Blog|

The Greek economy in 2022

by Nick Papandreou The list of problems facing the economy are so many they would fill a book. The most obvious are the effects of the pandemic on the economy, regional and global geopolitical turmoil, supply chain blockages that have led to energy shortages, the extreme weather conditions that seems to have put most countries on a permanent emergency call status, inflation, and the uncertain future of Chinese-US relations. I am sure that any reader can add to the list. [...]

March 6th, 2022|Online news / Blog|

Greece- Turkey: Ferries are back

Ferry services between Turkey and the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea start again. The routes from Bodrum to Kos, Çeşme to Chios, Fethiye to Rhodes and Ayvalık to Lesbos have been halted due to the coronavirus restrictions measures, two years ago. A decision equally harmful to the tourism industry on both sides of the coasts. Athens has lifted restrictions on sea border gates as of Feb. 7, allowing the restarting of ferries and yacht voyages. Health requirements on the [...]

March 4th, 2022|Online news / Blog|

Greece suspends “golden visa” for Russians

The Greek ministry of Migration and Asylum has announced the suspension of issuance or renewal of residence permits for investment purposes for citizens of the Russian Federation until further notice. “The issuance and renewal of residence permits of investment interest and purpose that are under consideration and come from citizens of the Russian Federation is suspended until further notice. In addition, the competent authorities will not accept new requests for the issuance of the aforementioned residence permits. At the same [...]

March 1st, 2022|Online news / Blog|

“Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin”

“Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin” by Antonis D. Papagiannidis In the abundant corpus of reporting, analyses and – especially – projections over the course of the Ukraine crisis, the expression “in the mind of Vladimir Putin” has cropped up ever so often. It so happens that a book by French journalist, specialist in the history of Russian thought – and editor-in-chief of respected “Philosophie” magazine – Michel Eltchaninoff bears the title “Inside the Mind of Vladimir Putin”. It was [...]

February 28th, 2022|Online news / Blog|

Greece sends defense, medical supplies to Ukraine

Greece sent defense material and medical supplies following the Ukrainian government's request. Two C-130 airplanes departed Elefsina base with military equipment and Air Force staff on Sunday. On the same day, an Aegean Airlines airplane took off carrying medical supplies and basic food staples. Supplies will be delivered to Poland and from there to Ukraine. The mission was accompanied by Deputy National Defense Minister Nikos Hardalias. Greek victims of the Ukraine war About a dozen Diaspora Greeks lost their lives [...]

February 28th, 2022|Online news / Blog|
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