Ellinopoula.com: A web-based platform where learning Greek is fun

By Katerina Kritikou

Petros, a Greek immigrant child, was brought up far away from Greece. However, the Greek language, tradition and history formed an integral part of his everyday life thanks to the continuous effort of his mother, Anna. Nowadays, Petros is still an immigrant who speaks fluent Greek and has a single vision: giving the possibility to the millions of Ellinopoula (Greek immigrant children) to keep the Greek language alive in their minds and souls.

To achieve this, he combined technology, entertainment and the wealth of Greek culture in order to create a web-based educational platform focused on building and maintaining Greek language ability.

Ellinopoula.com’s vision is to serve as a medium for Greek immigrant children to learn and maintain their familiarity with the Greek language, preserve their cultural identity and prepare themselves for a possible return to their motherland. Furthermore, this innovative platform helps with the unemployment in Greece by offering work to talented Greek people. Thanks to them, a large number of interactive educational activities unfold before children of the Greek diaspora.

Ellinopoula provides safe and age appropriate Greek content for children which is accessible anytime anywhere in a 100% ad-free environment. Fun videos are combined with language gaming/quizzes, which follow the child’s progress and gradually adjust them to the child’s learning level. In the context of individual children profiles, each child’s experience is unique and tailored to her own needs and preferences. Ellinopoula is also a fascinating world for parents who can interact with other parents to share insights and recommendations.

On ellinopoula.com the Greek language benefits as much as the next generation of the Greek diaspora!

You can get unlimited monthly access to educational Greek-language programming by choosing the subscription plan that works best for you and your children. More information on www.ellinopoula.com