Endeavor Greece announced the closing of the organization’s fourth consecutive and largest fund to date, Endeavor Catalyst Fund IV, raising more than $290 million. The fund was supported, among others, by a large number of entrepreneurs from Endeavor’s own network from around the world who wish to invest in new innovative ideas and offer opportunities to visionary entrepreneurs operating in secondary markets.

Endeavor Greece, Endeavor’s Greek office, is the largest shareholder among the organization’s 41 local offices ensuring that more than $15 million is to be invested in Greek startups over the next 2-3 years. 

Endeavor Catalyst has been investing since 2012 in Endeavor Entrepreneurs, and to date has participated in over 150 leading companies that have created some of the biggest success stories worldwide such as Checkout.com, Rappi, Cabify, Glovo, Creditas, dLocal, Globant Kavak, Wallbox, and VTEX. Endeavor Catalyst’s investments include the leading Greek companies Blueground, Hellas Direct, Workable, Spotawheel, and Nova Credit. 

For the last 10 years at Endeavor, we have consistently supported the Greek market acting as a global platform for the Greek ecosystem that brings together those who are part of the network, whether they be based in Greece or abroad, creating synergies as much international support for the new generations of successful Greek entrepreneurs” said Panagiotis Karampinis, Managing Director of Endeavor Greece. “Experience has taught us that a valuable ingredient needed for strengthening the Greek economy is extroversion, which is why we have planned strategic actions aimed at putting Greece on the world map of innovation. Large international conferences that attract global attention, campaigns that promote the country as a destination for executives, investors, and entrepreneurs, international reliable reports on the Greek ecosystem, reskilling/upskilling programs for Greek students and graduates, and creation of innovative programs with big-tech players are just a few of the actions we have envisioned and would like to see take place in the greek ecosystem in the coming years. Endeavor aspires to have the ability (and financial means) to carry out and contribute in a decisive and substantial way to the creation of a more extroverted Greek ecosystem. Endeavor Catalyst is a vehicle for our organization to be able to decisively support such an international scope and ambition”.

Endeavor Catalyst has a unique value for the Greek ecosystem. On the one hand, the size of the portfolio is such that it offers Catalyst Greek investors not only an investment opportunity but an excellent understanding of the other 40 markets in which endeavor operates and the emerging technologies and companies in these countries in which they can co-invest.

Over 30 Greeks have invested in Endeavor Catalyst. Among them are the majority of the largest and most extroverted family offices in the country. Greek tech founders of some of the biggest successes in the country and abroad as well as important Greek companies that have started investing in funds and startups through their investment vehicles. It is an excellent community of investors that grows every day and creates a positive impact on the economy, carrying out new actions, initiatives, synergies, and more investments in Greece and abroad. Endeavor and Endeavor Catalyst act as reinforcements in this direction.  

We estimate that within the next 2-3 years, we will invest in 10 more Greek startups. At the same time? We will continue to work to offer support to our entire portfolio which consists of over 150 companies, as well as value to the entire innovation ecosystem of the country” said P. Karampinis.