The anti-vaccination rally, organized on Wendesday 14, in Syntagma square, Athens, was surprisingly big.

Thousands of citizens protested against the government’s decision to make vaccination against Covid-19 compulsory for part of the workforce (healthcare workers and nursing home staff).


They also oppose government plans to expand compulsory vaccination further in the coming months.

Vaccination should be a free choice” many said.

We say “no” to the fake vaccine” was written on a banner.

Many of the protesters were carrying Greek flags and crosses. The gathering took place under heavy police presence. Similar rallies were organized in other Greek cities too.

The vaccination program in Greece has made a good start, but numbers have stalled lately. About 41% of Greeks are, currently, fully vaccinated. The Greek government offers incentives to young people to persuade them get the jab.

New coronavirus cases have been rising steadily the past weeks, mainly due to the spread of the Delta variant. Nearly 3,000 new infections were recorded on Wednesday.