“Greece is a net energy importer with heavy reliance on oil. Worldwide, oil comprises about two-fifths of primary energy consumption; in Greece it is about three-fifths. Greece is the only country in Europe where demand for oil is anticipated to increase in the near future”.


The March 1998 issue of Greek Business File hosts a Special Survey on the Energy Scene in Greece by Robert McDonald on

-Dependence on hydrocarbon imports

-Public Petroleum Corporation (DEP)


-Hellenic Aspropyrgos Refinery AE (ELDA)

-Hellenic Refinaries & Chemicals of Macedonia Industrial and Commercial Company AE (ELDICHIMAK)

-Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries AE (MOH)

-Burgas-Alexandroupolis Pipeline

-Public Gas Corporation (DEPA)

-Privatisation of distribution

-Electricity Public Power Corporation (DEH)


To download the issue, click here for the first part and here for the second.