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New strategic priorities on tourism – Ioanna Dretta, CEO Marketing Greece

Tourism isn’t just a sector, it’s a chain of values where all links are involved. Thus, new strategic priorities emerge such as forging a stronger connection between tourism and the country’s culture and gastronomy sector according to Ioanna Dretta, CEO of Marketing Greece   Greek Business June, July, August – Interview by Lalela Chryssanthopoulou How does Marketing Greece support Greek tourism? Marketing Greece is the collaboration of private sector tourism to promote Greece as a modern and exciting tourism destination. We [...]

June 27th, 2019|Greek Business File|

The Financial Impact of BREXIT on Greece

BREXIT will have overall negative effects on Greece. The main reason is not the decline in Greek exports of goods and services to the UK but the fact that Greece will have to increase its participation in the EU budget revenue, while significant decreases will be observed in its receipts from the EU budget. In this detailed article ALEKOS KRITIKOS shares the opinion that Brexit would serve as an opportunity for our country to reposition itself within Europe, forming an [...]

June 24th, 2019|Greek Business File|

The country’s economic recovery is still fragile

Recent warnings from EU officials that Greece could miss its fiscal targets this year following a spate of election-related handouts have revived concerns about the fragility of the country’s economic recovery. Meanwhile, a recent report on the corporate sector by the consultancy PwC argues that Greece will be unable to accelerate investment and ensure sustainable medium-term growth rates   By Kerin Hope – Greek Business File_June, July, August issue Greece’s commitment to achieving a primary budget surplus of 3.5 per cent [...]

June 18th, 2019|Greek Business File|

Monuments are better protected when they are part of citizens’ lives

The challenge for our country is to shift the current policy of cultural management from a static to dynamic approach and to the production of new forms Interview by Lalela Chryssanthopoulou – Greek Business File: June, July, August issue  How can archaeological sites become functional and friendly to the general public, assuming an educational, social and cultural role? It is a question that Professor Petros Th emelis strives to answer, through his work –from 1986 until today- as director of the excavation project of the Archaeological Society [...]

June 10th, 2019|Greek Business File|

In Greece, a page turned

Greek Business File reports  European Elections 2019: In Greece, a page turned  The European Parliament election and Municipality elections in Greece ended with a great defeat for the ruling party of SYRIZA and a clear victory for the centre- right party of New Democracy. Furthermore, three minor political parties completely disappeared from the Greek political scene while several new ones made their entry. The 33,10% share of New Democracy was a shock for SYRIZA and prime minister A. Tsipras personally, [...]

June 6th, 2019|Greek Business File|

Diasporas or transnational communities?

An interesting debate in this year’s Delphi Economic Forum focused on the subject of diasporas bringing to the fore new ways of looking at an emotive question that has been discussed with feelings ranging from old-time nostalgia to “diaspora nationalism”. Sociologist Riva Kastoryano, Senior Research Fellow, SciencesPo-CNRS, Yossi Shain, Professor of Political Science, Tel Aviv University, Richard Clogg, Emeritus Fellow, St. Anthony’s College and Georges Prevelakis, Professor Emeritus at the Sorbonne University (Paris I) took part in an interesting debate   Greek Business File, [...]

May 8th, 2019|Greek Business File|

More investment needed in Research, Innovation and Digitalization to catch up with other leading countries

More investment needed in Research, Innovation and Digitalization to catch up with other leading countries Due to the economic crisis, Europe is left behind compared to the US and China in investment areas such as Research & Innovation, and Digitalization. Andrew McDowell, Vice President, European Investment Bank (EIB) insists that if EU does not catch up, European countries will lose out in the race in areas like artificial intelligence, e-mobility, intelligent transport systems, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, the industries that will dominate [...]

May 2nd, 2019|Greek Business File|

Structural reforms really are a one-way street, especially for Greece

Social cohesion, youth unemployment, solving the brain drain, completing the banking union are the major priorities in post- crisis EU, before a possible new recession, according to Maria Demertzis of the Bruegel Institute. She also insists that structural reforms are really an absolute necessity for Greece Greek Business File, April - May 2019 The policy of fiscal rectitude had negative aspects and results during the recent economic crisis in Europe, especially in countries with bail-out programs, Greece being on top [...]

April 23rd, 2019|Greek Business File|
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