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Sailing Back to the Future

Greek Business File, January-February March 2019, No. 119  Costas Apodiacos of Piraeus-based Blue Planet Shipping has taken the pioneering step, in partnership with leading Anglo-Greek rotor sail specialists Anemoi, to use the force of wind as a renewable energy source on bulk carrier AFROS which was named ‘Ship of the Year’ at the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Awards 2018. In this interview C. Apodiacos explains that the use of a renewable energy source could be the best remedy for both reducing dangerous emissions [...]

March 22nd, 2019|Greek Business File|

Takis Arapoglou: Banking on better times

Takis Arapoglou: Banking on better times Takis Arapoglou is the new President of the Bank of Cyprus. With a long run in the Greek banking sector (Ionian, Citibank, Ethniki, to mention a few) and the economy in general (he is the President of Titan and Tsakos Energy Navigation), Mr. Arapoglou had an interview with the Greek Business File in 2009, as Chairman and Managing Director of the National Bank. A man for all seasons National Bank of Greece Chairman and [...]

March 8th, 2019|Greek Business File|

M. Demertzis, Deputy Director of Bruegel Institute

About the course of the economic policy in Eurozone   On Friday, 1st of March, at the sidelines of Delphi Economic Forum IV, economia Publishing asked the Deputy Director of Bruegel Institute, Maria Demertzis, about the course of the economic policy in Eurozone.   I think that economic policy in the Eurozone is a broad issue, there are no big winners or big losers, we are all in this together. I believe that macroeconomic stabilization must happen in [...]

March 7th, 2019|Greek Business File|

Ship Management in the Age of Big Data and Digitalisation

Greek Business File, January-February-March 2019, No. 119 SHIPPING by Suzanna Laskaridis     Shipping markets have become a lot more complex in recent years with companies facing intense competition and a plethora of often restricting regulations that they have to comply with. Digitalisation has affected many industries in the past years; however, the shipping industry is one of the last to grapple with it mainly due to the complexities of the industry itself     Although the maritime industry is [...]

February 22nd, 2019|Greek Business File|

Eastern Mediterranean: are the Yankees going home?

Greek Business File, January-February-March 2019, No. 119 POLITICS by Professor G. Prevelakis       President Trump’s decision to more or less abandon the Kurds, the US’ main ally in the struggle against ISIS, by withdrawing US forces from Syria, has created a feeling of anxiety in countries like Israel and Greece, accustomed to rely on the American guarantees for their security   Traditional European powers like France or England were known for their opportunistic attitude towards their minor allies. France [...]

February 20th, 2019|Greek Business File|

A room with a view: Europe and the sea

A room with a view: Europe and the sea Greek Business File, November-December 2018, No. 118 By G. Prevelakis   The so-called “poly-crisis”, testing the reflexes of Europe, was the topic of the 2nd Conference organised under the Europe in Discourse initiative, which was held in Athens. Discourse analysts, linguists, historians, economists, sociologists and other scholars and researchers shared the belief that the time is now appropriate to talk about the European project by offering fresh and realistic thinking on [...]

December 28th, 2018|Greek Business File|

Interview with Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides

Interview with Professor Sir Christopher Pissarides Business File, September-October 2018, No. 117 Interview by Eugenia Anastassiou   Professor Pissaridis is adamant that economic influx has to come from investment and debt restructuring; otherwise Greece cannot break out of the vicious circle of lowering income and pensions, and increasing taxation. In order for Greece to progress economically it must create the right business environment, otherwise the country will have no option but to rely on continued external help. Nicosia-born Professor Sir [...]

November 23rd, 2018|Greek Business File|

The recovery of Greek tourism

The recovery of Greek tourism Business File, September-October 2018, No. 117 IBHS survey for Greek BF   In 2017 Greek tourism continued its upward trend in terms of arrivals, while returning to positive revenue, with competitive prices being identified as positive parameters along with security problems in rival Mediterranean destinations, according to a study conducted by Alexis Nikolaidis, Economic Research & Sectorial Studies Senior Analyst During the first three quarters, a further rise of 10.3% in international arrivals was recorded, [...]

November 19th, 2018|Greek Business File|
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