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June-July-August 2019: Throne Games

The summer issue of the Greek Business File is full of surprises, following the rapid political changes on European level and Greece.

Professor Georges Prevelakis suggests that Europeans are distancing themselves from the United States and are seeking an alternative solution to the Euro-Atlantic scheme facing multiple dilemmas.

Greece is in a similar position, looking the results of her own “Throne Games”. The European elections in the country turned upside down the power of the ruling party, SYRIZA, and the party in opposition, New Democracy. The mediocre result for SYRIZA triggered an early election which will take place on the first week of July.

In his very interesting article, Alekos Kritikos is dealing with the Financial Impact of BREXIT on Greece, insisting that BREXIT will prove rather expensive on Greece as far as the new European Budget is concerned.

Nikos Vettas, General Director of IOBE (Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research), in his exclusive article for GBF is seeking the “new normal” for the Greek economy, taking into account that the Greek economy emerged smaller from the economic crisis, still dependent on the State, while the national priority would be a real GDP growth rate higher than 2%.

Simultaneously, Dr Anna Bredima unveils “our unknown neighbor”on maritime issues, Turkey. The article presents the Turkish effort in shipping and in maritime activities in Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.



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