The great archaeologist and philhellene, professor Stephen G. Miller has died, aged 79.

In 1973, Professor Miller has been appointed Director of Excavations at the site of Ancient Nemea under the auspices of the University of California at Berkeley.

As Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens from 1982-1987 and leader of the excavations for five decades, Miller dedicated his life to promote the archaeological site of Ancient Nemea.

The ancient stadium of Nemea

The Temple of Nemean Zeus


In 1994, Professor Miller’s efforts led to the founding of The Society For the Revival of the Nemean Games. The first contemporary Nemean games were held in 1996.

The U.S. Mission community joins the American School in expressing our sorrow over his passing.  His loss will be deeply felt in Greece and around the world, I expect especially by my predecessors Ambassador Burns and Ambassador Niles, who participated in Stephen’s revival of the Nemean games during their tenures in Greece.  Having visited Nemea with Stephen on several occasions, I know both his love for that region and his pride at Nemea’s place in the Hellenistic world. “ USΑ ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey Pyatt, said in a statement.

Professor Miller contributed to the creation of an archaeological park, a modern museum and he began the restoration of the Temple of Zeus.

Archaeological research lost a great, dedicated scientist and Greece has lost a great friend” Lina Mendoni, Greek minister of Culture, said.