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28th Student Contest

The papers submission completed. The evaluation is in progress !!!

Call for participants: 28th economia Student Contest

Focus Area: Climate change and energy: Dimensions and advancements in EU and Greece

The Economia Publishing Group is pleased to announce the official launch of the 28th economia Student Contest with the following subject category: Climate change and energy: Dimensions and advancements in EU and Greece. Both the urgent need to address the negative consequences of climate change and the implemented energy policies stimulate this year’s competition.

The student contest – which is a tradition for the student community- renews its appointment with students of all the academic institutions in the country, aspiring to inaugurate a fruitful dialogue around the climate crisis and highlight innovative solutions concerning the increasing global energy demand.

After August’s devastating and persistent fires that shocked humanity, environmental issues are at the top of the political agenda-setting. The scientific interest for decades has focused on the cause-and-effect relationships finding linkages between human activities and the depletion of natural resources. This year, we invite students to refer to the international literature and propose the right path to achieve economic growth and mitigate carbon dioxide emissions.

Our Publishing Group welcomes applications from all candidates who fulfill the specific profile: under-graduate or postgraduate students from public and private universities-colleges. Specifically, the participants have to develop one of the three sub-sections of the subject-category Climate Change and Energy: The developmental dimension in the EU and Greece:

  1. How far has the public debate on climate change in Greece progressed?
  2. Energy and environment: how can they be combined in practice?
  3. How does the green priority of the Recovery Fund meet the requirement of competitiveness?

Seeking answers to the above questions, students must present their scientific papers to the reputable judges of our Evaluation Committee.

This year’s Evaluation Committee comprises experts from both the academic and the corporate environment.

The President of the Committee, Professor N. Farantouris, is the Director of the Postgraduate Program “MSc in Energy: Strategy, Law and Economics” of the Department of International & European Studies of the University of Piraeus.

Members of the Committee are:

A. Dagoumas, President of the Regulatory Authority of Energy in Greece

I.D. Papadimitriou, Deputy Financial Director of Viohalco S.A.

V. Karamouzis, General Manager of Corporate and Investment Banking at NBG

The advisor of the Committee is the Managing Editor of our Group, Antonis Pagiannidis.

Students must submit their papers by April 8th 2022. Manuscripts should not exceed 2,000 words. The Evaluation Committee reviews students’ papers by mid-April, while the results and the Awards Ceremony will be at the end of May 2022.

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The winners will receive:

  • 1.000 euros from HELLENIC PETROLEUM
  • 500 euros from BERNITSAS LAW
  • a modern PC Quest from INFO QUEST TECHNOLOGIES
  • flight tickets from AEGEAN
  • ferry tickets from MINOAN LINES
  • scholarship 50% in specific MSc program from INTERNATIONAL HELLENIC UNIVERSITY
  • scholarships 50% in specific MSc programs from Alba Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece
  • practice in ENTERPRISE GREECE
  • hospitality in the General Assembly of DIAZOMA Association

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