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The Greeks of Diaspora

Chicago: Giannis’ bus

The best birthday gift for the "Greek Freek".  Bus route 34 in Milwaukee was named after Giannis Antetokounmpo @Giannis_An34  to honor his offer to Milwaukee Bucks and the community on social justice issues. To celebrate the birthday of Milwaukee's MVP the entire team of the Consulate of Greece in Chicago travelled to Milwaukee to wave the Greek flag.

December 8th, 2021|Diaspora|

The Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies

The inaugural event of the Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies (HIAS) took place on December 1st, 2021. The event took place under the auspices of the Consulate General of Greece in Boston and one of the main topics on the agenda was "Robotics in Greece". The Hellenic Institute of Advanced Studies (HIAS) was founded by members of the Hellenic diaspora with the goal of using scientific knowledge to serve Greece. It seeks to create bridges and serve as a hub [...]

December 2nd, 2021|Diaspora|

First-hand accounts from the Greek community in Libya

by George Philipas For a handful of Greeks now left in a country that once boasted some three or four thousand back in the 1970s, the re-opening of the embassy in Tripoli in April 2021 and the Consulate in Benghazi in July was a seemingly subdued affair. It delivered the intended message but one that could barely mask the mountain that Greece would have to climb to re-discover historically close ties that it had last enjoyed in the heyday of [...]

October 30th, 2021|Diaspora|

George Tsunis to be nominated next US ambassador to Greece

President Joe Biden announced plans to nominate George Tsunis, an influential Democratic fundraiser and hotelier, to be his envoy to Greece.  Tsunis is the son of first-generation Greek immigrants to the U.S., and has served on the boards and committees of several Greek and Hellenic organizations. Tsunis speaks Greek and he and his wife both have extended family in Greece. He's been awarded the Saint Paul’s Medal, the Greek Orthodox Church of America’s highest recognition for a layperson. George J. [...]

October 9th, 2021|Diaspora|

Australia and Greece to discuss double taxation treaty

The Greek Community of Melbourne (GCM) has long acknowledged that fairness in taxation and reducing the tax burden is essential for any Greek Australian wishing to invest in Greece. The imposition of taxation by both countries when one invests in Greece has been an issue of concern at many levels for both countries. This includes most revenue inducing assets including inherited property etc. The GCM has raised the issue with government on a number of occasions and in late July, wrote to [...]

September 28th, 2021|Diaspora|

A new chapter in Greek-African relations or a flash in the pan?

by George Philipas When Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias heralded a new chapter in relations between Africa and Greece to a gathered host of African ambassadors for Africa Day to mark the establishment of the African Union late last month, it hardly made waves. Statements of good intention towards the oft-neglected continent are nothing new. But a flurry of recent diplomatic activity, including a new diplomatic mission in Dakar, Senegal and the announcement that Greece will contribute to the [...]

September 2nd, 2021|Diaspora|

Donald Kagan, leading ancient Greece historian, died at 89

Donald Kagan, a prominent classical scholar, contentious defender of traditional education and architect of neo-conservative foreign policy, has died at age 89. Kagan, a professor emeritus at Yale University and father of historians Robert and Frederick Kagan, died Aug. 6 at a retirement home in Washington, D.C. Donald Kagan was a Lithuanian native, raised in New York City, who studied ancient Greece in college and was inspired by the “remarkable assumption that the human being is not trivial.” Regarding himself [...]

August 13th, 2021|Diaspora|

Stephen G. Miller, the “proud lion” of Nemea, dies

The great archaeologist and philhellene, professor Stephen G. Miller has died, aged 79. In 1973, Professor Miller has been appointed Director of Excavations at the site of Ancient Nemea under the auspices of the University of California at Berkeley. As Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens from 1982-1987 and leader of the excavations for five decades, Miller dedicated his life to promote the archaeological site of Ancient Nemea. The ancient stadium of Nemea [...]

August 11th, 2021|Diaspora|
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