The new age of e-Government: Public administration without borders

Business File, June-July-August 2017, No. 111

Public Sector

Public Administration stubbornly refuses the transformation to a modern e-Government despite the pressure from the citizens and the constant demand by the Europeans and the IMF. Stavros-Ioannis Benos, a true pioneer of e-Government in Greece, explains in his article this urgent need for radical reform.

The biggest challenge our coun- try faces in this di cult time is the creation of a robust and functional public administration, which achieves its goals, brings results and is friendly to the country’s citizens and entrepreneurship. No major public policy can deliver re- sults without the radical reform of the State. The rst step towards simplify- ing the structure of the State was made with the CALLICRATES project. This step needs to be completed in order to in- clude both human resources and the full use of the possibilities o ered by e-Government. All changes in public administration must converge towards a major goal: Greek public administra- tion must at last be able to record its in ows and out ows, set goals and measure its results. Therefore, our great mission is to create a public adminis- tration without borders between the di erent institutions and at di erent levels of governance.
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