In the enchanting island of Nisyros, a breath away from the natural beauty of the volcano’s crater, the vision of Mr. Panagiotis G. Mihalos will take shape for the first time.

The 1st Symposium “Nisyrian Dialogues” will take place June 16 – 19, where prominent personalities from Greece and abroad will exchange key views on the sustainable development of the island and all small islands, the geopolitical importance of the green transition, as well as the ways in which geoparks and protected areas can become growth tools.

The first day of the Symposium (Friday, June 17) starts with the Keynote Presentation of Prof. Nikolaos Zouros, on the UNESCO Geoparks and the prospects of protected areas as growth tools, and the “Dialogue” participants are the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy George Amyras, Professor of NTUA and Board Chair of N.E.C.C.A. Maria Papadopoulou, the Mayor of Trikala and President of Central Union of Greek Municipalities Dimitris Papastergiou, as well as the Vice Mayor of Kessariani, Member of the board of SPAY (Union for the Protection and Development of Hymettus) and in charge of the development of the network of paths of Hymettus Manos Kitsellis.

The “Dialogue” continues with the presentation of a Study for the Holistic Development of Nisyros, within the context of the future of the primary sector in Small Islands, by 6 graduate students of the University of Piraeus, commissioned by the Foundation. The “Dialogue” on the findings of the study is led by the Agronomist, MSc MBA in Agribusiness, fmr Secretary General Ministry of Rural Development and Food Moschos Korasidis and Chairman & CEO of Inspiring Earth S.A Constantinos Antonopoulos.

The second day, Saturday June 18, the “curtain” of the “Dialogues” on the Green & Sustainable Development of Small Islands, and the Geopolitics of the Green Transition, will be opened with the Keynote Presentation of Prof. Yannis Maniatis fmr Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, while opinions, thoughts and reflections will be submitted on the subject of Green and Sustainable Development, by Alexandra Sdoukou Secretary General for Energy & Mineral Resources, Prof. Konstantinos Mathioudakis, National Technical University of Athens, fmr Secretary General for Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou, National Technical University of Athens, Vice Rector of Research and Lifelong Education, Professor at the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, as well as George I. Kormas, Exec. Gen’l Manager, Piraeus Bank Group, Exec. Chairman of the Board, Piraeus Bank Real Estate.

The “Dialogue” on Geopolitics of the Green Transition, will be led by Prof. Yannis Maniatis, the Minister of Development & Investments Adonis Georgiadis, fmr Minister of Environment & Energy, Professor at the University of Crete Yiorgos Stathakis, Ambassador a.h., fmr Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dimitris Paraskevopoulos, while present in the public debate – via Zoom in, pre-recorded Dialogue – will be the Vice Chairman of US Council for International Business, fmr Ambassador to the EU, fmr Asst. Secretary of State for Europe & Canada, fmr Ambassador to Greece and Honorary President of the Foundation, Ambassador (Ret.) Thomas M.T. Niles, Adjunct Senior Fellow Rand Corporation, fmr US Ambassador to Greece, Ambassador (Ret.) Charles Ries, as well as fmr Acting Secretary of State USA, fmr US Ambassador to Greece, Ambassador (Ret.) Daniel B. Smith.

Welcome remarks will be given by the Founder & President of the Foundation Panagiotis G. Mihalos, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (video message), the Vice President of the European Union, Promoting our European Way of Life Margaritis Schinas (video message), and the Mayor of Nisyros Christofis Koronaios.

Τhe initiative belongs to “Georgios M. Mihalos Foundation – Sustainability of Nisyros” NPO, in cooperation with Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency (N.E.C.C.A.).