Vovolini Archive

In January 2020, the archives of Konstantinos A. Vovolinis and Spyros A. Vovolinis, as well as the archives of the newspaper Hellenikon Aema (Hellenic Blood) and the financial magazine Viomichaniki Epitheorissis (Industrial Review) were donated to the Historical Archives of the Bank of Greece.

[Press Release, Bank of Greece, 5/03/2020]

The archival collections of the Vovolini family exceed 1,750 individual files and highlight – through the variety of their records – the multifarious activity of the two brothers: Konstantinos Vovolinis’ in his research – historical activities and his effective participation in politics, and Spyros Vovolinis’ activity in journalism and publishing.

The Vonolini Archives is an important source for the study of Greek History, as it contains multitude of evidence concerning a wide period of time – from the Interwar Years to the 1980s – and covers a wide range of topics: from politics and economics to the evolution of Press.

In parallel, the archives of their publications illuminate – from their own perspective – the industrial and generally the economic development of Greece, with regard to Viomichaniki Epitheorissis, and the period of National Resistance and national fights in the case of Hellenikon Aema.

Therefore, the deposition of the Vovolini arhives in the Historical Archive of the Bank of Greece will substantially contribute to the deepening of the study of the political and economic history of Greece, as it is complementary to the existing archival collection of the Bank and its former Governors, Emm. Tsouderos, Kyr. Varvaressos, G. Mantzavinos and X. Zolotas and the former Deputy Governor I. Pesmazoglou.

After all, the standard conditions for the material’s preservation and its disposal to the researchers guarantee its optimal functionality for the scientific community.

The complete index of the historical archives of the Vovolini family is available at the website of the Bank of Greece here.

The Vovoline Archive was established in 1997. In 2002, various parts of the Archive were brought together at our offices in Monastiraki, where it was accessible to researchers until 2012. Georgia Panselina, as director of the Archive, was based on the rich documentation of the Archive and proceeded to business history publications.

In 2018, the rest collections of Vovolini Archives were catalogued and classified by the Associate Professor of Economic and Social History at the Department of History and Archaeology, University of Ioannina, Leda Papastefanaki and her team. The team members were Giannis Gonatidis, PhD candidate in History, University of Crete as head of the team, Christos Chryssanthopoulos, PhD candidate in History, University of Patras and Vassilis Georgakis, postgraduate student in History, University of Ioannina.

The historians Elli Kravariti and Flora Anastasiou had already in 2015 indexed the Archives of the magazine Industrial Review, also containing the correspondence of the editor Spyros Vovolinis.

A most significant event in the history of the Archive was the transfer of the series of the Great Greek Biographical Dictionary (MEBL), Konstantinos Vovolinis’ Archive, on February 1, 2012, to the Gennadius Library of the American School of Classical Studies following the donation of Mrs. Alexandra K. Vovolini. The purpose of this decision was the broader utilization of this valued material at an international level, at a time of a critical economic crisis in Greece and Europe. The same year, the Vassilis Vassilikos Archives, which had been trusted to us, were also ceded to the Gennadius Library, after was sorted and catalogued by the historians Georgia M. Panselina and Michalis Sovolos.

The 2.656 folders of the MEBL Archive are accessible to researchers, offering them the possibility to consult a rich archival material for personalities of the economic, political and scientific life of Greece – material gathered by Konstantinos Vovolinis for the writing of biographies, which would reflect their activity on a public stage. This archival material consists of documents, draft and edited notes, letters, press clippings, publications, photographs, sketches, drawings, brochures and generally all kinds of evidence. In addition, there are items about the method of the gathering of the material, its sources and the indexing of K. Vovolinis as well as various comments and reviews regarding the publication of the Dictionary and its award by the Academy of Athens (1964).

The Company of Political and Economic Studies Vovolini, established in 2018, is – among other activities – in the process of documenting and classifying archival materials of special importance, with reference to the modern political and economic History of Greece (documents, photographs, press clippings, oral testimonies), which are still in the possession of Alexandra K. Vovolini.