The October 1997 issue of Industrial Review celebrates Greece’s membership in the European Union.


A comprehensive survey presents the life changing impact of EU membership on the social and economic structure of Greece:

– in agriculture. Peasants have become jobbing farmers with new wealth and social status

– in manufacturing. Many casualties were reported among smaller companies, unable to adjust to the new standards. But those which managed to adapt found themselves part of a single market of 300 (back then) million consumers.

– in services. Banking and finance had been rapidly liberalised.

Tassos Giannitsis, then economic adviser to the Prime Minister

Jason Stratos, then president of SEV

Theodore Papalexopoulos, former SEV chairman and Titan Cement board member

Ilias Plaskovitis, then secretary general at the ministry of National Economy

Yannos Papantoniou, then minister of National Economy and Finance

Loucas Papademos, then governor of Bank of Greece and

Christos Papoutsis, then Greek Commissioner

talk to Industrial Review and give useful insights on the different ways EU membership transformed Greece.

To download the issue, click here for the first part, here for the second, here for the third, here for the fourth.