Economia Group 

Economia group is publishing financial magazines and books in Greek and English language, and organizes relevant conferences and seminars. Economia Group is aiming at offering an overview of the Greek economy and entrepreneurship through the years. 







  • “Οικονομική Επιθεώρηση” is the sole monthly magazine for the economy, which is issued continuously in Greece, since 1934, and also member of the European Business Press (EBP), having the exclusive rights to publish articles of “The Economist” in Greece. 







  • “Greek Business File” is the sole English-language magazine for the Greek economy, which is issued five times per year, since 1991, and includes a variety of analyses on financial, banking, shipping and business issues.


BOOKS in both Greek and English:







a) Economic, business, management and HR books
b) Publications based on archive material
c) Biographies
d) Special business publications
e) Corporate publications (on order)
f) "The Economist" books (Greek edition)



We organize seminars, conferences, lectures, book or corporate presentations, product launches, exhibitions, as well as a wide range of events related to the financial, cultural and social life of Greece.



«Οικονομική Επιθεώρηση» has been organizing the economia Student Contest since 1994 for students from tertiary education institutions. It is a successful contest in which hundreds of students and companies-sponsors with extensive media coverage have participated. The contest's objective is to introduce students to the business community. Students can participate in contest by writing an essay (2,000 words) in Greek or English language.




The Vovolini Archives is one of the the most important sources on the economic and general history of Greece, since it covers about 150 years and offers insights on unknown aspects of the establishment and subsequent development of the modern Greek state.



-    In-depth and long lasting information on the Greek and global economy.
-    Analysis and solid commentary.
-    Objectivity, independence.
-    Coverage of current affairs.
-    Dialogue on controversial issues.
-    Interactive communication with the public and constant adjustment to its pursuits.
-    Extroversion, European orientation.
-    Emphasis on innovation, new trends and modern methods for the development of the economy.