One more week of hesitant change

Posted by Antonis D. Papagiannidis 09/07/2018 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

This week, too, will bring forward important change for Greece and its international dealings – at least at first sight.


On July 11/12, the NATO Summit will convene in Brussels; one of its focal points of interest will probably be the welcome to FYRoM, which has already joined NATO Partnership for Peace (1995) and Membership Action Plan (1999) and provided valuable support to NATO-led operations and missions (in Afghanistan and Kossovo), to progress in its efforts to join as a full member of the Alliance once the name dispute with Greece is finally settled. The June 2018 agreement between Greece and “Republic of North Macedonia” – to – be is not yet fully operational, but the Summit will certainly greet the progress made.


A Eurogoup meeting on July 12 will NOT have to deal with ending the succession of Greek Adjustment Programmes, since the June 21/22 Eurogroup has settled most issues in quite comprehensive a way. Still, the ESM will present the practical steps forward, while some clarification is expected on what is the meaning of “The Greek debt is sustainable going forward” (Eurogroup chair Mario Centeno, after the June deal) or “[the Fund] is very comfortable about medium-term sustainability” but with “reservations” about long-term sustainability, since “The Eurogroup reaffirmed Commitment to intervene in long-term, if needed, to make debt sustainable” (Christine Lagarde, director of the Fund).


Important change, indeed. But at the same time, hesitant too. Meanwhile, Greek public opinion looks set to give the Government in place a tough time: the acceptance level of the success purportedly brought about by such change remains q3uite moderate.


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