Legal and business challenges in todays' Greece

Posted by Antonis D. Papagiannidis 13/02/2017 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

A day-long seminar was organised, last week, by the Greek Law Digest/Nomiki Bibliothiki - with the assistance of Economia Group - to discuss and deal with legal and business challenges in todays' Greece.


The Greek Law Digest serves as the most systematic and comprehensive guide on the Greek legal and institutional framework, written entirely in English - with a companion internet version in Chinese. It is available in hard copy and on CD-ROM, while the website is freely accessible, with more than 100,000 visits from 190 countries around the world. Published on the initiative of NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI it is under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, Enterprise Greece, ACCI and Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund. 


It is organized through short questions covering the whole range of issues that citizens of other countries might raise with respect to the law applicable in Greece and provides simple but also detailed answers.


The rationale of the January 27 Seminar was to give the floor to leading legal practitioners but also to business people or high civil servants, so as to have a closer look at topics such as: Why should one care for FDI? What are "strategic investments" in Greece? How does China operate as a strategic investor? How far can infrastructure-building work as a growth multiplier? What of the State as a business operator? What are the perspectives of privatisations in today's Greece? How far have the new rules for investment licensing gone? What of the taxation environment? What of the judicial system and its shortcomings? What of the search for alternative conflict resolution mechanisms? Which are the major sectors of interest for investors (such as tourism, energy, R+D, health/drugs); how can the much-needed extrovert model be reached by the Greek economy?


Further to such presentations, a panel of financial journalist discussed the way in which such matters are approached by the Greek media; a success-story business and its experience was presented by its owner (Cocomat, by Pavlos Evmorfidis); another businessman - Pantelis Panteliadis of Metro presented a businessman's needs from his legal counsel.

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