The Declaration 60 years after the Treaty of Rome

Posted by Kyra Adam 27/03/2017 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

With a great number of European leaders having the same age with the original Treaty of Rome, (60 years), the 27 heads of European governments and states signed in Rome the new Declaration of Rome.


Gathered at the same palazzo on Capitoline Hill, where the Treaty of Rome was originally signed in 1957, the 27 leaders put their disagreements aside and reasserted their common values and principles, as well as their commitment to work hard for the integration of Europe. The original Treaty of Rome was\signed only by six of the current members. The “small Europe” of 1957 is now joined by 21 newer members in due time.


The European leaders really needed this reassertment, after another year of big troubles and challenges, marked by terror, rise of populism, eurosceptism and most of all, Brexit.


The two page document they signed is full of big words, plans and duties for the years to come. The 27 promised “great unity and solidarity” and reaffirmed “their collective commitment to the European Union”.


Yet there is no concrete idea on how to forge the consensus needed to handle the big issues of refugees, the problems in the Eurozone, the question on common security policy etc.


The Declaration has only a few words on the new idea of “Multispeed Europe” .There is only a reference on “different paces and intensity where necessary, as we have done in the past, within the Treaty framework”.


This is the new big topic the Europeans have to handle in the years to come. No one expects to start the deep discussion before the end of the elections in France and Germany, in other words before the end of 2017.


The leaders of France and Germany, with those of Spain and Italy have already met few weeks ago in Paris and committed themselves to the idea of “many speeds” within the EU. President Junker has already announced his “White Bible” with five scenarios on multispeed Europe which will be discussed by the end of the year.

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