Now that Britain is gone...

Posted by Kyra Adam 31/03/2017 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

Brexit has already begun. The process of leaving the EU will go on for two years at least. The implications for the 27 states of the EU, as well for UK will be immense.


Britain’s exit from the EU will create a huge gap on military, intelligence and security field. Theresa Mei has already mentioned this gap in her speech in the Parliament, implying, in the same time, that this problem can be “fixed “in some way , if the Europeans are going to be more “flexible” to other economic issues ,during the Brexit negotiations.


The big truth is that with Britain gone, there is an urgent need for realignment in the EU, with Berlin having the leading role.


This easy to say but has to be proven in the near future.


U.K. as member of the EU was always in favor of the enlargement of the European Union, but certainly not in favor of the Eurozone area, which London decided to avoid, because the British governments were steadily against the economic integration of the Union.


London had under his influence the majority of the eastern European member states in all big issues of the EU. Now that UK is gone, Berlin, as the stronger power in the Union of 27, has to realign its policies in order to gain the full confidence and approval of Eastern European Countries.


The problem is that Berlin cannot do all this hard work alone. Germany needs the support and collaboration of an almost equally strong France, strongly attached to the policy of further European political and economic integration.


But that remains to be seen after the French presidential elections.

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