Footage of youth mass demonstrations and high school sit-ins

Posted by Antonis D. Papagiannidis 03/12/2018 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

The mass demonstrations of (mainly) high-school age Greek youth, resulting in sit-ins to schools over the “Macedonia name issue” provided local media with new footage of anger-cum-riot (rather: riot-prone) behaviour. Such footage works as an eerie reflection of earlier adult rallies in Greece – of declining importance, as time passed – when the Prespes Agreement between Greece and FYRoM was announced, in mid-June, in an effort to overcome the decades-long dispute (and , as the West sees it, to anchor FYRoM to the Euro-Atlantic community, thus stopping Russian progress in the Balkans).


Fears that such demonstrations and sit-ins, spreading to vital younger segments of the population who do have a tradition of being over-politicised in Greece, could be influenced or even stage-managed by extreme right-wing/nationalist elements (of special relevance: Nazi-inclined Golden Dawn) are of serious concern in Athens. But not only in Athens: all those concerned by the FYRoM-Greece lingering dispute, the former’s access to NATO and hopes of joining the EU, are focusing once more on Greek public opinion with increasing worry.


All the more so, since the slog of constitutional reform at Skopje looks picking up pace; even the (Right-wing, nationalist) VMRO/DPMNE Opposition under Christian Mitkoski seems to be softening its negative position, so the constitutional amendments which were a condition precedent for the Prespes Agreement to progress may well be voted at Parliament (with a 2/3 majority) within the very next weeks.


 From the on… the ball passes to the Athens court: in the Greek Parliament, it is not evident that the simple majority required will be mustered, since the (Centre-Right, increasingly nationalist) Opposition party N.D. of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is not expected to shift its vocally negative stance. So, with footage from street demonstrations and high school sit-ins risking to be high-jacked by the extreme Right at the very middle of a Greek electoral campaign, uneasiness perforce creeps up.


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