Vovolini Archives' donation to the Historical Archives of the Bank of Greece

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In January 2020, the archives of the economic magazine, Industrial Review (Βιομηχανική Επιθεώρησις –“Viomichaniki Epitheorissis”) (1934 – 1990) published by Spyros A. Vovolinis, the archives of his brother Konstantinos A. Vovolinis, as well as the archives of the newspaper Greek Blood (Ελληνικόν Αίμα – “Hellenikon Aema”) (1940-1949) have been donated to the Historical Archives of the Bank of Greece by their heir Alexandra K. Vovolini (Publisher and Director of Kerkyra Publications S.A. – Economia Publishing).


[Press Release, Bank of Greece, 5/03/2020]

The archival collections of the Vovolini family exceed 1,750 individual files and highlight - through the variety of their records - the multifaceted activity of the two brothers: Spyros Vovolinis whose professional activity was focused on journalism and publishing, and Konstantinos Vovolinis who distinguished himself in research – historical activities and in active involvement in politics.

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