e-commerce continues to rise in Greece

Posted by Christian J. Hadjipateras 17/08/2017 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,
Latest figures released by the European Association e-commerce Europe have shown a continued upward trend in e-commerce in Greece. It is further evidence that the country is turning further towards the transaction of buying and selling goods online, bringing it into line with the majority of other European countries. 
The General Secretariat for Trade and Consumer Protection confirmed Greek consumer's growing reliance in online markets as well as the increase of Greek retailers in e-commerce. Turnover in Greece increased to 4.5m last year in comparison to 3.8m in 2015.
The SYRIZA-led government is apparently keen to capitalise on the upward trend by aiming to safeguard the rights and economic interests of consumers by signing them into law in the near future. The aims include reducing compliance costs and ensuring fairness between foreign providers.

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