A full hand for September

Posted by Antonis D. Papagiannidis 28/08/2017 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

Political tradition has it, in Greece, that September signals the start of the “year political”: this time around, the first month of fall may prove more than the Greek political system can carry in ease.


True enough, part of the menu consists in the ritual fight over the economy, over such economic policy as remains in Greek hands (after the reins of the economy were handed over to the country’s creditors) and over major social issues when the Prime Minister, the Head of the Opposition and the rest of political chieftains make their pitch in the Thessaloniki Fair. But in September 2017 Greece will also greet French President Emmanuel Macron, then later on Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni – both bearing investment proposals, but also “Future of Europe” plans.


Not to forget that September 24th is the day Germans are going to the voting urn: “surely this is not a Greek matter”, but everybody knows that the outcome of the German elections will be decisive for any sort of negotiations over Greek debt that are supposed to start. September will also be the month that the very next round of reviews of the (third) Adjustment Programme for Greece will begin.


One last, minor-looking, event: a meeting of the EU Ministers for Energy (in Crete). This happens right after French Total and Italian ENI have started digging for natural gas at the Cyprus EEZ – with Greek EEZ searches at close heels.


So… not so minor after all!


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