New Democracy critisises SYRIZA over latest Elliniko setback

Posted by Christian J. Hadjipateras 05/10/2017 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,
Following the Central Archaeological Council’s (KAS) decision that a large part of the Elliniko plot be declared an archaeological site, the oppoosition New Democracy has critisised the government, accusing it of putting off investors and risking economic recovery. KAS recommended that about 30 hectares of the 620-hectare plot under the project be declared of archaeological interest. However, its recommendation is not binding for the hard-left government.
Greek developer Lamda signed a 99-year lease with the state back in 2014 for the plot. Backed by Chinese and Gulf funds, Lamda submitted its detailed development plan for Elliniko in July. However, the project has since suffered many setbacks partly due to SYRIZA’s deluded ideologies with some of its MP’s attempting to stall things. This is despite the fact that thousands of jobs can be created and growth can be boosted.
Speaking to Reuters, ND spokesman Vassilis Kikilias said, “Mr Tsipras has to understand that growth is not something that can be dictated. He has to realize that with his logic it is neither possible to [attract] investments, nor to effectively protect Greece’s cultural heritage,”

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