Athens Metro strikes cause further confusion for commuters

Posted by Christian J. Hadjipateras 14/11/2017 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

Metro workers have added to the confusion among Athens commuters by calling off a 24-hr strike, which was scheduled for Thursday but another planned strike beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, is still going ahead. The latest follows several strikes in recent weeks.

The strikes are in protest at plans to include transport organisations in a state asset utilisation fund and have been demanding retroactive payment of higher social security contributions for people with jobs categorised as potentially hazardous.

Commuters are seeking other forms of transport with the majority resorting to cars, which has in turn added more congestion to the city’s already clogged roads. Torrential rain yesterday is expected to continue throughout the working week adding to yet more traffic as some drivers, when not driving like lunatics when the weather is decent, drive like snails when a few drops of rain fall.

Meanwhile, to add more confusion, authorities are still struggling to implement the new e-ticket system across the network with the old paper ticket method due to be terminated tomorrow. The e-ticket system, which is long overdue, will bring the network into line with other major European cities. 

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