In the cross-hairs?

Posted by Antonis D. Papagiannidis 27/11/2017 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

Unless something unexpected crops up it will be show-time for the Greek Parliament this Monday. The curious matter of 100.000 artillery shells (or was it 300.000 after all?) sold to the Saudis (or was not this official destination the only/the real one?), with the intermediation of a passably shady Greek national (but then why is it that the Saudis did not accept he was “their” middleman?) will come to the floor. Feisty Defense Minister Panos Kammenos will have to give a long string of explanations, with Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias brandishing the sword of criminal procedures against anybody having anything to do with leaking official documents, documenting (what else are documents for?) the trail of such sale to the satisfaction of parliamentary curiosity.


Meanwhile something far more extensive is happening curiosity-wise; the cohesion of the very fabric of the ruling coalition Government – radical-sounding leftist SYRIZA has had to associate with nationalistic right-wing ANEL to guide Greece through quite rough a patch in the last 30 months or so – is being tested. Again. This uneasy association anchored in political expediency/necessity risks either to buckle under the strain, or else to cost dearly at the voting urns that are getting closer and closer. Important SYRIZA figures are questioning the shell deal not only due to its shady nature, but also or an ethical or even a foreign-policy grounds: is it advisable for a country like Greece, situated in an unstable region such as the Eastern Mediterranean to get itself into, well, the crossfire or at least in the cross-hairs of regional rivalries or even flaming disputes?


To be true, one can easily bet that this most serious aspect of the matter under parliamentary scrutiny will be left aside. With the usual mud-wrestling getting most of the media coverage.


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