Business File Announcement, December 2017

Posted by Kyra Adam 18/12/2017 5 Comment(s) Greek Business File,

This last copy of Business File for 2017  is a “brain storm” of views, ideas and proposals of prominent Greek politicians, present, (and former), academics, economists and businessmen who answered the BF simple-yet difficult – question “What has to be done in 2018?”


The question, BF thinks, is urgent, as the country touches the threshold of 2018 and high expectations, many unanswered questions, doubts, uncertainties, differences of views make their appearance for the future of the country, after August 2018, when formally the seven hard years of the Adjustment Programmes will come to an end.


The answers to BF question came from:


K.Featherstone, Th.Fessas,T.Giannitsis,G.Hardouvelis,N.Karamouzis,


D.Papalexopoulos,Ph.Sachinidis, Y.Varoufakis,E.Benizelos, M.Xafa



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5 Comment(s)

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