FYROM prime minister hints at progress being made over naming dispute

Posted by Christian J. Hadjipateras 08/01/2018 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

Ongoing talks between Greece and FYROM, aided by the United Nations, appear to be progressing according to FYROM’s prime minister. Negotiations, which have recently resumed after beginning towards the end of last year, have showed signs of an optimistic solution being reached for both sides.


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev made the comments during an interview with Alpha TV and also announced that a statement outlining the details will be made public imminently. “I believe that the solution ought to be acceptable by both sides. There is such a solution,” he said. “I will not get into the details so as not to ruin the process of the upcoming negotiation between the two sides, but I am convinced that the real solution in the end will come and I am sure we will get to it. I am convinced there is such a solution.”


While he stressed he would not go into too much detail, Zaev did reveal that the renaming of Skopje ‘Alexander the Great’ Airport, which Greece insist on, is also under discussion.


Both Zaev and Greek prime minister Alexis Tspiras will make the upcoming announcement. Should a solution be found, it would end a decades long dispute between the two countries. 

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