“Greece in Europe”

Posted by Antonis D. Papagiannidis 15/01/2018 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

Greek politics is usually inward-looking, even more so than is the case with other countries. This is something of a paradox since the political life of Greece, the geopolitical equilibrium in the region and the very health of the Greek economy are largely determined by outside influences - to put it mildly. Even major fields of contention, such as the Cyprus issue or the FYRoM conundrum are usually dealt with eyes squarely on infighting between Greek political parties, or even on internal party squabbles. Even the ever-present “European issues” have been internalized in an almost picturesque way.


Still, a welcome opening is underway nowadays. The participation of Greek PM Tsipras to the South Summit in Rome – Italy/France/Spain/Greece/Portugal/Cyprus/Malta –has allowed for a peek to the future, now that Germany’s habit of lording it over “Europe” has reached a sudden stop. In the same time, the continuing ambivalence in things German as negotiations edge towards a GroKo (grand coalition with CDU/SPD/CSU participation) with less imperial arrogance on either the austerity or the migration front, opens more realistic perspectives for “Future of Europe” negotiations. French President Emmanuel Macron leads the pack, but some kind of “Southern front” looks set to form – with Greece hoping to use such dynamics to mesh smoothly in future things European.


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