Fraught with risk

Posted by Antonis D. Papagiannidis 29/01/2018 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

The plot is thickening, all around this South-Eastern end of the European peninsula (itself the ending of the great Eurasian land-mass, as French General De Gaulle was reminding Europeans to get them to understand their relative weight in world affairs…).


The never-ending story of the feud between Greece and FYRoM over the latter’s name and nationalistic overreach, that precludes it to join Western fora such as NATO and the EU at a time of renewed Russian presence in the region; the efforts to close unpleasant chapters in the tense relations between Greece and Albania; the rumblings of Turkey over the Aegean Sea – at a time when Turkish military  forces were moving to the North-Syrian district/mantiqah of Afrin held (with U.S. support) by Kurdish forces; the vocal support offered by Greek-Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew to this “Operation Olive Branch”) as code-named by Ankara to add insult to injury.


Further South, in Cyprus, presidential elections are held with all candidates implicitly accepting that a new round of negotiations with Turkish-Cypriots will start in the not-so-faraway future; while the DeepSea Metro-!! drillship is waiting to be manned (not an easy business, altogether) in Turkey proper, so asto engage in hydrocarbon search and thus counter successful moves by the Cyprus Republic claiming EEZ rights on behalf of Turkish-Cypriots.


The overall situation is fraught with risk, notwithstanding efforts to defuse it. It almost boils down to which is the front where we will first have serious regional disruption.


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