Greece-FYROM talks resume

Posted by Christian J. Hadjipateras 12/04/2018 0 Comment(s) Economia Blog,

Negotiations between Greece and FYROM over the naming dispute will resume today with Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotzias calling for realism as the quest for a solution continues.


Talks began late last year and both sides have expressed optimism that the decades-long dispute may finally come to an end, thus paving the way for FYROM to eventually join the EU. The much known sticking point remains the use of the word ‘Macedonia’ in FYROM’s official name, which resulted in mass protests in Athens and Thessaloniki as well as other cities and towns across Greece.


“The key to solving the name issue is realism, pragmatism and the idea that we must make compromises, not fake compromises, but compromises that will benefit both sides,” Kotzias said during a joint press conference with Serbian counterpart, first deputy prime minister, Ivica Dacic, in Belgrade. 


“Compromise means that both sides have to realise that they cannot have it all and that both sides must have gains. I hope that this has been understood by all sides in this negotiation and that we will see positive developments,” he continued.

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