In Mediterranean Kalamata, extreme weather phenomena appear more and more often, warning us that the climate crisis is here


July-August 2022 Greek Business File, Issue No 138


by Theodora Iliadi


Based on the principles of Sustainable Urban Development and to achieve the goal of climate neutrality, it is necessary to organise holistic interventions, for spatial planning, mobility and transport, urban regeneration, energy, circular economy, public health, the production of products in the primary and secondary sectors, tourism services, historical and cultural wealth, the protection of the natural and marine environment and everything that will characterise Kalamata from 2030 onwards.

Kalamata has joined the EU 100 climate-neutral and smart cities, with the mayor of the city, Thanasis Vassilopoulos, declaring that the conditions are now being created that will allow citizens to determine their own destiny. In order to deal with the effects of climate change, the Municipality of Kalamata has been implementing over the last five years projects worth more than €120 million, while at the same time, with its participation in European Programs, knowledge and good practices have been acquired.

Regeneration of the city center

In this context, the municipality of Kalamata secured funding of €8 million for the implementation of the Strategic Urban Interventions project for the comprehensive regeneration of the central part of the city. This specific project is financed through the Recovery Fund. The project is about the bioclimatic regeneration of the streets of the urban centre in order to merge them with the already existing and ongoing regenerations of 30 acres with the aim of the centre of Kalamata acquiring a single aesthetic and functional entity, with reinforcement of accessibility and a positive environmental mark.

The specific project should bring multiplying benefits for the city by improving the lives of the residents and placing particular emphasis on the conditions of movement and accessibility of people with disabilities.

All constructions will be made with bioclimatic materials and the green and water element will be enhanced, thus contributing decisively to the environmental performance of the city. Also, through the mild traffic conditions that will be formed on the roads under reconstruction, road safety will also be strengthened, while there will be no shortage of smart applications, further strengthening the evolution of Kalamata into a smart city…

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