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Νοέμβριος-Δεκέμβριος 2019: The new Greek Energy policy

Dear readers,the December 2019 copy of Greek Business File focuses on:

* The new energy scene in Greece. ND government has already announced that by the end of 2028 all Greek coal-fired power plants will be phased out at a cost of 2 billion euros. The big challenge now is clarifying the new priorities of energy policy based on renewable sources.

* On the economic field, in an exclusive interview Nobel laureate professor Joseph Stiglitz insists that Greece has a long way to go to return to normalcy and focuses on the failures of the economic system.

* The 2020 outlook for Greek bonds seems pretty good, while the European authorities have given their approval to “Hercules plan” helping Greek banks to solve their NPE‘s issue up to 30 billion euros. The scheme is expected to be approved by the Greek parliament by the end of the year.

* On the shipping field, GBF focuses on the annual Conference of EMLO in Cyprus, full of ideas and discussions on the new direction of the EU shipping policy, and presents the exclusive interview of Panos Laskaridis, the outgoing ESCA President, who gives reasons for the unparalleled success of Greek shipping.

* Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Athens was very fruitful, not only on political and economic issues but also on Sino-Hellenic cultural collaboration. During his official visit, the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and the Chinese Academy of Social Studies signed the agreement establishing the Centre of Chinese Studies.

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