January-February 2022: ROBOTS IN GREECE

The January/ February issue of Greek Business File is out

This issue of Greek Business File looks into an essential facet of Industry 4.0: the autonomous production methods powered by robots.

We present the global trends in the robotics markets, the level of robotic process automation in Greek enterprises, the pioneers of the sector in Greece and the Greek companies that have emerged as Industrial Robot Companies:

• In an exclusive interview, Dr. Susanne Bieller, General Secretary of the International Federation of Robotics urges Greek enterpreneurs to “Dare take the first move” in the robotics market

• Alex Nikolaidis, Associate Advisor of SEV, analyses the level of the Industry 4.0 intelligent automations in Greece

• Sakos Ikonomopoulos narrates the bittersweet history of the pioneer company ZENON

• Vicky Kaliakou presents one of the top-5 startups of the world, Gizelis Robotics

• GBF presents the Greek front runners of VIEPA, Bota Systems, KYTION, Perceptual Robotics, Terra Robotics, as well as the innovative projects of the Agricultural University of Athens and the Automation and Robotics Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In our Shipping department, A. Karamalegkos examines if 2022 will be the year of normalization for freight rates.

We also present how:

• the Circular Economy comes to the aid of Greek exporters (by Spiros Ignatiadis, General Director of SEVE

• Greece seeks energy independence for 36 islands (by Kerin Hope)

• Terra and Skyline will reshape the real estate market (by Dimitrios Pefanis)

Vicky Kaliakou potrayes Olympοs, the highest peak of the Greek dairy industry.

In this issue, GBF starts a tribute to the Greek Diaspora all over the world.
We will present the history, evolution and prospects of Greek communities, along
with first -hand testimonies of Greeks abroad. We open this series with the story of the Greek community in the USA and an article- example by Andreas Akaras of how Diaspora Greeks never stop looking at the situation prevailing in their country of origin.

Finally, the January / February issue of GBF hosts the first part of an extensive summary of Lefteris Anastasakis’s book, published in Greek by Economia Publishing, on the postwar history of the Greek manufacturing industry.



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  • Release date: February 2022 / No 135
  • Publisher: economia Publishing
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 68
  • ISBN: 1109 1592 02
  • Cover type: Soft Cover
  • Managing Editor: Antonis D. Papagiannidis