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Marika Mitsotaki, wife, mother and cook extraordinaire, serves up a lifetime of memories: about her mother and mentor in things culinary; about the serious blow to her health when as a child she was struck by polio; about her meeting Kostas Mitsotakis, their courtship, marriage and the arrival of their four children; about the difficult years of the dictatorship in Greece, the family’s self-exile to Paris and their eventual return to the parental house in Crete. Moreover, the turbulent as well as exciting mosaic of her life as spouse of one of the country’s longest serving statesmen is directly connected to important events of Greece’s recent history.

But there is more. As food, eating and family lunches and dinners are a constant point of reference for the Mitsotakis family –as well as any family– this unique book fittingly offers another taste of history: the traditional recipes of “kyria Marika”. Yours to try and enjoy not only as part of authentic Greek culture, but also as  the perfect –not to mention delicious– excuse that gathered the Mitsotakis family around the table and kept it united.



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  • Ημερομηνία έκδοσης: Νοέμβριος / 2012
  • Εκδότης: Εκδόσεις Κέρκυρα
  • Γλώσσα: Αγγλικά
  • Σελίδες: 164
  • ISBN: 978 960 9490 18 4
  • Συγγραφέας: Mitsotaki Marika
  • Μετάφραση: Adamantidis Coutroubaki Maria
  • Επιμέλεια: Mitsotaki Katerina