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Turkey in the East Med:

             fraught with risk




The way in which Turkey is implementing on-the-field its newly assertive/aggressive policy concerning the East-Med oil-natural gas Great Game is deeply disturbing. It gets more so every day that passes, one would say.






What next for EU?

Publication date: April / 2019






ΜΑΙΟΣ 2019




The Greek Community of Melbourne welcomes the $5million funding from the Federal Goverment






Sailing Back to the Future


Costas Apodiacos of Piraeus-based Blue Planet Shipping has taken the pioneering step, in partnership with leading Anglo-Greek rotor sail specialists Anemoi, to use the force of wind AS

as a renewable energy source on bulk carrier AFROS which 
was named ‘Ship of the Year’ at the Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping 
Awards 2018. In this interview C. Apodiacos explains that the use 

of a renewable energy source could be the best remedy for both reducing dangerous emissions and avoiding the possible climate-change consequences of burning fossil fuels like LNG


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On Europe


 At the Delphi Economic Forum Jeroen Dijsselbloem, former President of Eurogroup, contributed his thoughts on the future of European Banks, during a panel discussion organised by Economia Group. He insisted that Europe is over banked and therefore Banking Union and Capital Markets Union must be completed as soon as possible

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On Europe



EU-China: A balanced investments screening mechanism is needed


As Europe hardens its stance against China-the new “systemic rival”, Professor Zhiqin Shi strikes back defending the BRI strategy and particularly the Chinese investments in Southern Europe and of course Greece 
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A Vademecum of maritime lobbying


In European terms 2019 is a critical year because it is a year of European elections and the year of Brexit. The renewal of the institutions will bring a new European Parliament, new Commissioners and a new President of the European Council. Hence, more scope for maritime lobbying by shipowners organizations.

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The appetite for reform seems to be lost


In this exclusive interview with BF, Theodore Fessas, chairman of SEV, foresees slow growth for Greece in the coming years, as uncertainty related to the upcoming elections holds back investment plans, while risks associated with external demand, mainly due to the slowdown in world trade, are rising 


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